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February 04 2015

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ACAB (nur mal so)

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January 30 2015

$-svastika + banksterlogotranslations

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March 16 2014

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February 02 2014

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December 28 2013

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December 20 2013

DIRECT HIT: Police officers took cover as protesters shot fireworks at them during clashes in Istanbul on Saturday. Two protesters were killed on Friday in clashes with Turkish police that erupted over claims that Kurdish rebel cemeteries had been destroyed, local media reported. (Bulent Kilic/AFP/Getty Images) // Dec. 8 2013
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September 27 2013

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September 24 2013

Insanity ˝


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June 11 2013

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Taksim square, Istanbul, June 2013
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April 21 2013

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April 19 2013

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April 05 2013

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January 03 2013

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Athen xmas
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November 23 2012

November 06 2012

"you support the dominant paradigm"

Wer nicht Partei ergreift, der unterstützt das herrschende System.
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September 20 2012

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September 07 2012

immer wieder "schön"
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July 18 2012

Bahrain March 2012 “Yeah, get it!”
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July 11 2012

via Suck-s
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